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dining room extension table and 6 chairs $250.00
we bought this dining room table and chairs last year from an elderly italian couple who moved house and sold most of their furniture.

we were told that they only used it for formal dinners, and then always kept the plastic cover on. this is very evident by the condition of the table. it is in almost perfect condition.

the table is built of composite veneer and solid timber and, as far as we know, is around 10 years old.


width:                    :  1080mm
length:                  :  1900mm
extended length   :  2350mm
height from floor  :    900mm

colour: deep, rich mahogany

the central weight of the table sits on two turned solid-wood central columns, with two braces at each pillar, to ensure rock-solid stability.

the extension is 450mm long. the fittings are quality brass. it folds up, concertinas down, and retracts under the table. you will never loose this extension!

it is very easy to insert and then fold down. when installed, it is a very good fit - no unsightly  gaps!

this is a very high quality build.

chair dimensions:

width:                              :   440mm
length:                            :   430mm
height from floor            :    940mm
seat height above floor :    460mm

as mentioned earlier, this is a solid quality build.

the chairs are stylish, heavy, solid and robust,  with pale (leather?) seat covers.

the seat colour is difficult to describe (beige?) - and as men really only know the three primary colours (+ black and  white), i have resorted to my colour wheel for help. as best as i can discern, the colour wheel reports the colour definition as red: 207, green: 190, and blue: 174 

you are welcome to come to st kilda and see this table to check the condition and determine the colour of the chairs for yourself prior to bidding. please contact me the usual way.
pickup only at st kilda west, victoria

pickup only at st kilda west, victoria

earliest date available: now - december 2011
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