Garage Sale
Saturday October 4th 2008
9.00am - 3.00pm
Where: 185 Moreland Rd Coburg
(the Old Moreland Post Office)
opposite the Moreland Hotel, down the laneway, at the back roller door
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All steel Workbench:  6' x 3' bench height 84 cm top plate 3mm thick, 2"x2"x1/4" angle legs with storage rack under.
Comes with heavy duty metal welders vice . Power tools to fit on the bench are also available for sale - see below.

Painters' Trestles

Large Painters trestles (2 off) All steel, total height is 190 cm, safe working height 160 cm, with cross bars for variable platform height. Ruggedly builkt with 30mm RHS legs and 25mm RHS cross bars with safety chains  A safety rail is included.

Paint trestle plank (fabricated) 18mm x 18mm rhs, with 19mm chipboard, length 240cm x 56cm wide

Light duty (red) painters trestle, portable on wheels,  safe working height 140cm, standing platform 40cm wide, by 56cm long. Adjustable height.
Powered Tools:

Hammer drills:
 Makita 19mm, 2 speed model 8419B-2 600w, (broken trigger)
 Xui 500w 13mm model XHD200 (400?)
Ozito concrete jackhammer 900w

Jigsaws: Bosch PST 65PE Jigsaw

Rotary saws:
GMC 7 1/4" rotary saw,
Riobi 184mm rotary saw

Orbital sanders:
Black and Decker orbital sander BD273 250W
 Xui orbital sander Model XOS400

Heat guns: Black and Decker

Cutoff saws:
 GMC 2200w steel cutoff saw, 356mm dia
 GMC 1000 drop saw

drill press:  Riobi 5 speed bench drill press 1/3 hp BD513  

Bench grinder: Riobi 150mm Bench grinder 200w

Portable lights
Portable Power Tools:

4 battery operated cordless drills:

 1 off Ozito CDG202k  12 volt with charger
 1 DSE 14.4v cordless drill with charger
 1  Xui CD120 12V with charger
Garden Tools:






Tumble Composter

Electric Whipper snipper
Sockets sets
Oxy Acetylene hoses and stand for "D" type bottles

Portable work table

Spanners, Chisels, Files, Pliers, Tinsnips

Hammers, Wrenches, Extension stands
Stilstons, Axe, Hand saws


Paint brushes, paint rollers, paint trays


Sundry nuts, bolts washers, screw, nails
sundry fastners
Exhaust fan

Battery Charger,
Jumper leads

Automatic sprinkler system - timer, popup nozzles, fittings, pipe

Tile cutter

Nuts, bolts, washers, plumbing fittings, electrical parts, cables, tiewires,

Ropes, paint, paint brushes, scrapers,

Shade Cloth, bird netting

Fishing reels with line

Stereo amplifier/radio with 2 off 100w speaker enclosures.

boxes of bits and pieces of:
plumbing, electrical,  bathroom
supplies, furniture hinges

Stackable Storage bins

Drummers Stool

Hydraulic jack

Artists Easel

Builders Supplies

RHS steel section 25x25mm
RHS steel section 19x19mm
20x20 ms angle
40x40mm aluminium angle
timber 4"x2"

Brand New Still boxed:
2 off Ringgrip NeatHeat
3 in 1 Heater, Exhaust Fan and Light

Sundry galvanised timber joist cleats
Hand Tools
Don't bother coming any earlier than 9:00am, as the place will be closed up and there won't be anyone there!
Garden Furniture

Clay Pots

Plastic pots

Cast iron pots

Cast Iron Garden Furniture
(with Lion Heads)
4 draw Filing Cabinet
 with lock and key
Silk Wisteria tree
on real timber.