Mackie 12 Channel Mixer
As-new mixer - used in private home studio - very little use.
This is the original Mackie, known for its high-quality mic preamps and high headroom on the mix buss, built by Greg Mackie - the renown American manufacturer of professional audio equipment.
I am the original owner. Bought new in 1996, for a home studio (that never happened), it has had very little use (maybe 100 hours tops)
After several years of non-use, in February 2006, (for a second attempt at a home studio which also never happened), it was completely serviced by Technical Workshops (Mackie authorised service provider in Melbourne (see picture).
After 18 months of further non-use, I've decided to sell it, so that this excellent bit of kit can be put to the task it does so well. The only flaw is a scratch on the top of the Rotopod. Otherwise, perfect condition. Ideal for band work or studio recording.
Complete with user manual - for an electronic copy of the manual see
Post within Australia only. Boxed weight = 9.5 kgs  package size: 55x55x20cms

Review from
"Tapco founder Greg Mackie, in 1989, launched a new company bearing his name and sold a couple hundred of its first LM-1602 line mixers. But it was Mackie's CR-1604 compact 16-channel mixer, unveiled about a year later, that spawned a revolution of its own. Besides offering rock-solid construction (frequently described as "built like a tank"), the CR-1604 ushered in some slick new concepts. Although a rackmount design, it could easily be used as a desktop mixer; its clever Rotopod chassis allowed connections to be accessed either from the front or the top of the unit. (see picture) The CR-1604 also had a rugged internal power supply, a feature that's almost unheard of in a market flooded with "budget" mixers equipped with flimsy wall wart supplies. But best of all, the CR-1604 did the impossible: It sounded great and carried a rock-bottom price that anyone could afford.
Soon, Mackie had sold tens of thousands of the mixers. The audience included not only struggling bands and musicians, but also working pros everywhere who used them as submixers in high-end studios, on top tours, during post-production for feature films and on live broadcast events such as the Olympics. The CR-1604 was unquestionably a hit."