For sale
Depression glass - 27 items for sale
Item 1
 Sundae 15cm high x 8 cm diameter. Leaf motif on base and on the base of the bowl. Very good condition. No  chips or cracks.
Item 2 and 3
Pair of Vases 10cm high x 6 cm diameter. Both in good condition, no chips or cracks.
Item 4
Covered bowl
11cm high x 10 cm diameter.
Nice piece with unusual toothed fitting of lid and base. Excellent condition.
Item 5
Covered bowl
8cm high x 12 cm diameter.  Motif of Hearts with rose inside. Has a chip on the inside rim of the lid which cannot be seen, otherwise in good condition.
Item 6
Bowl  4cm high x 11 cm diameter. Nice little bowl with band of crinkled glass at the base. There is a chip on the rim but otherwise in good condition.
Item 7
Bonbon Dish
5cm high x 10 cm diameter. Stands on three feet. Very good condition.
Item 8
Bonbon Dish 9cm high
x 10 cm diameter. Excellent condition.
Item 9
Bonbon or conserve dish. 6cm high x 10 cm diameter. Nice little piece in good condition.
Item 10
Butter dish 
8 cm diameter.
Good condition with no scratches or chips.
Item 11
Butter dish 
9.5 cm diameter.
Quite good condition apart from a chip on the rim on the point of one of the 'teeth'.
Item 12 and 13
Pair of Conseve dishes 9.5 cm diameter. Good condition.09/03/09
Item 16
Butter dish 
8 cm diameter. Scalloped edge. Good condition.
Item 17
Pin dish?
7.5 cm diameter. Heavy, with cut design on inside of base. Very nice little piece. Excellent condition.
Item 18 and 19
Pair of candle holders or are they salt cellars?
 4 cm high x 4cm inner diamet. Deep ribbed design. Good condition.
Item 21
10 cm high x 5 cm diameter across the rim. Heavy, rings like crystal when tapped ! Excellent condition.
Item 22
Glass jar 
6 cm high x  6 cm diameter. Good condition.
Item 23
Bowl Two handled
8 cm high x 9cm diameter. Good condition, no chips or scratches.
Item 26
Sauce jug
 5.5 cm high x 11cm long (not including handle) Good condition
Item 25
 9 cm high x 9cm long (not including handle) Good condition.
Item 24
12 cm high x 6cm diameter.Scalloped rim. Typical sauce jug of the time. Good condition.
Item 27
Butter/conserve/drip tray
for jug - oval shaped,
14cm x 9cm. Very little wear on base. Good condition.
Item 28
Butter or conseve dish unusual diamond shape
12cm x 9cm. Good condition, no scratches.
Item 30
Pepper Shaker
5 cm high x 4cm diameter
 top missing
Item 31
 21 cm high x 15cm diameter at base. No stopper so has been used as a vase. Good condition.