Portable Floodlight
for video and still photography

On offer is a battery operated portable floodlight suitable for video or still photography.

The package consists of:

1. 100W 12Volt rated floodlight, mounted on a hand held camera bracket. The power lead plugs into the battery pack via a 12v car plug.

2. 6.5 Amp hour, 12 Volt sealed lead acid battery. Battery is ziped into an over-the- shoulder carry bag, making the whole installation portable.

3. 240V mains power battery charger which charges the battery via a 12v car plug.

4. Adjustable hand held bracket to mount your camera - melding the camera and floodlight  into one portable unit.

Perfect for weddings, parties, or other functions where low light levels make filming  difficult.


The battery may be recharged either from the 240v mains, or directly from a car battery.
Note that the 240 volt mains plug is an English plug and needs an adaptor (not supplied).
The floodlight is designed to take replaceable 12volt Halogen Bi-pin lamp bulbs, rated up  to 100watts.  The installed bulb is currently a brand new 50watt bulb, and a spare 50w bulb  is included (the shop was out of 100W bulbs).

The whole unit is heavy - about 4.5 kgs