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fender hot rod deville 212

i bought this amp about 12 years ago when the rrp was $2500.

i used it in my small recording studio, but it was very loud. it is the loudest amp i've  used - and i had a double stack marshall in the 70's!

consequently, it has had very little use.

it is in excellent condition. i had it serviced in october 2006, after i shut  down the studio, but it is such a great amp, i couldn't bring myself to sell  it. it was last used in 2007 at my 60th, by tassie's jim 'fingers' marshall.

time has marched on. this is not an amp for using in a small apartment.

it comes complete with cover and foot switch. it is on heavy duty wheels for  easy mobility.

delivery: pick up in melbourne cbd only.

for more details see www.rod-stuff.com/fender/html

vender blurb:
       the current rrp of this amp is $1,220

this fender hot rod deville 212 sends 60 scorching watts straight into a pair  of 12" fender special design eminence speakers, courtesy of two 6l6 groove  tube output tubes and three 12ax7 preamp tubes.

this amp is loud!

three channels give you a choice of "normal" (with bright switch), "drive"  (with gain and master controls) and "more drive" sounds, with additional  features including an fx loop, fender long-spring reverb, external speaker  jack, internal variable bias control and two-button, three-function channel  select footswitch. the look is pure fender-chrome panel with vintage pointer  knobs, plus black textured vinyl covering and silver grille cloth. cover  included.

for a general description of the latest fender deville (the latest model - not  this one), see the web page:


delivery: pick up in melbourne cbd only.
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fender 'hot rod' deville 212
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