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electric midi keyboard mk - 4903

although this keyboard is about ten years old, it is in excellent condition and has had less than 20 hours  playing.

it has been used solely in a small recording studio from around 2003 - 2005 for small midi parts. it has been in  storage for the past few years, and is in perfect working order. studio shut, no longer needed.

general features:

as a midi controller keyboard, it has many features generally found only on high-end keyboards:

user assigned keys - specific keys on the keyboard may be programmed to send midi instructions (like record,  play, stop etc etc) to control your digital audio work station.

transpose keyboard - allows you to shift the entire pitch of the unit in semitone units.

octave change - one octave above or below the normal tuning.

send midi program changes

user select from 10 velocity curves

power supply - runs on either: batteries (not included) or 9v dc power adaptor (supplied - but note -  that the  power adaptor has an english 3 pin plug - you will need an adaptor, or you can use your own 9v power supply)

technical specifications
1. keyboard        49 standard keys (velocity sensitive)
2. control switches (wheel, midi channel, program, memory, transpose, octave, vel curve, bank lsb, bank msb,  reset-ac, gm-reset)
3. pitch bend wheel
4. modulation wheel
5. power switch
6. numeric keys (0-9)
7. display        3 digit led
8. jack        dc in (dc 9v), midi out, hold
9. dimension        805 x 205 x 84 (mm)
10. weight        3.2 kg (piano only)

comes with:

** a midi cable for connection to your pc,

** a purpose built road case - very robust 20mm mdf case with inbuilt foam padding. i used to leave it in the  studio supported by an ironing board metal frame - total weight: 13.6 kgs

** user manual (pdf file - i will email to the purchaser)

pickup only in melbourne cbd.
pickup only in melbourne cbd

5th april 2013

download mk 4903 user manual here
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