Branded Waterford Clock Company of USA on the clock face, this clock has an intricate etched glass front.
Three beautiful American 19th Century clocks.
The third clock is manufactured by the
Waterbury Clock Company of USA.

For a video, of this clock see here
This clock is by the EN Welch Company of USA.

The company actually started as the Forestville Manufacturing Co., in Forestville, Conn. This was around 1835. When Forestville Manufacturing went bankrupt around 1860, Elisa Nils Welch, absorbed the company. It was renamed the E. N. Welch manufacturing company, in 1864.
The Welch label can be clearly seen on the clock face and the label on the back indicates that it was manufactured at Forrestville
The label on the back is damaged, but the words can be made out:

The movement is in good working order.
Both the "lion" ends are missing their brass rings.

The Welch clock bears a striking resemblance to the 1880's Ingraham Flat Top Adrian pictured below.

This Clock IS NOT FOR SALE, it is for comparison only.
The bell which sounds the half hour,  is missing.

The Hour chime is extant and can be heard here.